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Skilled neighbours, ready to help you out with your tasks

Friendly, reliable and screened: part of a great community

COVID-19 prepared, performing safe hygienic work 

Making your life easier

Say what you need on

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receive applications

Struggling with things?

A reliable nearone from your area takes care of your task

Enjoy the peace of mind

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Moving items


Pet care

Child care




Full Guarantee: If you are not satisfied, you do not pay

Through AON Insurance, your tasks at NearOnes are insured up to €1.25M

NearOnes is also great for

Crossing off your to-do list

Getting help while being isolated

Meeting great people in your area

A safe community

Screened: For every nearone there is an onboarding process. They meet with the admins and go through identity verification

Reliable: As part of the vetting, a nearone needs to complete a task for the platform reliably, before being able to do tasks for users  

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