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100+ Amsterdam-based babysitters ready to help you out. 


Pick your budget. Market-best prices of €10/hr are common.


A babysitter is always screened and insured, so high quality is the standard. 


Pick your time, anytime - whether that's on a recurring basis, on the same day, or in the middle of the night. Seriously, we don't judge. 

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Through NearOnes I have found a girl that is genuinely interested in spending time and playing with my son, so I'm really happy. Great customer support too!


I got to know the platform when looking for someone to help with the children and cleaning while trying to work from home. It has been great, we got a nice 'nearone', the app is also easy to use, so I definitely recommend it to others. 


Good reliable network of sitters. I often end up with unexpected plans and we don't know too many people in the NL so this is definitely very useful! Thanks guys!

"How do I get involved?" you ask...

Post a task

After signing up, choose what you would like a nearone to do for you, at your specified time, location, and price. It's all possible with NearOnes!

Receive applicants

Soon enough, willing nearones will apply to complete your task. Scroll through each profile, and select the best person for the job!

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Sit back & relax!

Relax as a nearone comes by to complete your task to your satisfaction. All that is left is payment, and then you can marvel at the time and energy you've saved!

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