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200+ Amsterdam-based cleaners ready to help you out. 


Pick your budget. Market-best prices of €12/hr are common.

A cleaner is always screened and insured, so high quality is the standard. 


Pick your time, anytime - whether that's on the same day, weekends, or in the middle of the night. Seriously, we don't judge. 

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Coming to Amsterdam, we didn’t know of many people or options for a cleaning service. Then I found out about NearOnes. I love it! I post what exactly I need for myself cleaning-wise, and I always get someone great and at short notice too.


I’ve had to switch cleaners often before downloading NearOnes. Couple of reasons, but mainly bothered by the price/quality ratio. NearOnes in my experience is by far the best solution to get a good cleaner at a fair price.)


Good app! To me it’s mainly useful when I need something figured out quick. Last time it was after a party that I posted and someone friendly came and helped in clearing up the mess.

"How do I get involved?" you ask...

Post a task

After signing up, choose what you would like a nearone to do for you, at your specified time, location, and price. It's all possible with NearOnes!

Receive applicants

Soon enough, willing nearones will apply to complete your task. Scroll through each profile, and select the best person for the job!

Young woman wearing rubber gloves cleani

Sit back & relax!

Relax as a nearone comes by to complete your task to your satisfaction. All that is left is payment, and then you can marvel at the time and energy you've saved!

Apple app store NearOnes app download link
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Get help at any time, with anything.

apple app store NearOnes app download link
google play store NearOnes app download link

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Apple store NearOnes app download link

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