Frequently Asked Questions

How do we screen users on the platform?

We at NearOnes value our safe community a lot, therefore, we make sure to screen all users that are doing tasks on the platform (the nearones). Part of the screening is doing a task for nearones, like delivering a gift to another user or creating a social media post for us. With this, we check people on their communciation, friendliness, reliability and punctiality.
After the task is succesfully completed, we call the nearone to ask more about their experiences, ask for references, if applicable, and we ask them so send us a copy of their ID.

What's included in the Platform Fee?

The 15% Platform Fee is included in the task budget payed by task givers the moment they accept a match with someone that helps them out.This service fee is re-invested into covering costs such as secure payment systems, support services and insurance. The fee also contributes to the general expenses of the marketplace, to keep it running, growing and improving.

How does NearOnes work?

We're happy that you're interested in NearOnes, a social platform where people that need help with everyday tasks are connected to reliable people to do those tasks. By downloading the app, you can either get help with tasks or make money by doing tasks for others. As poster, you post whatever you need help with and await an application from a nearby person to do that task (also known as a nearone). As a nearone, you can apply for tasks that match with your experience and preferences. In this way, you can make some extra money in a safe manner.

What's the NearOnes Peace of Mind Guarantee?

NearOnes has a Peace of Mind Guarantee as part of our Terms, as we care deeply about your experience on the platform. Depending on the circumstances of an incident, the Peace of Mind Guarantee may be available to assist with property damage, loss, or other negative effects incurred during the performance of a task.

You can view the terms here.

How do we make sure the platform remains safe?

Safety is a topic that we pay utmost attention to at NearOnes. We will never stop looking for improvements regarding this topic but this is how we are dealing with it today: We are clear and transparant about our user policy and community guidelines and we will moderate in case someone doesn't follow them. We are able to review all communication (chat, task posting) on the platform and filter, report and intervene in case of any supsicious behaviour. It is made easy to report users on the platform that don't folow the user policy, NearOnes will take every report seriously and will take appropriate steps when necessary. With these measures, we keep the platform safe for users on both sides.

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