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5 Extraordinary House Projects to Upgrade Your Living Space

As the Dutch lockdown continues - though in a somewhat less strict stage - places to spend money remain limited. So, it’s unsurprising that many of us have been saving more than ever. Given all the time we spend at home, a revamp of your living space could be a wise choice. With that in mind, we’ve gathered a few ideas to shake things up. Keep in mind that these aren’t your regular “paint your cabinet” ideas - these ideas have the potential to truly elevate your living space to the next level.

Electric Fireplace

Want a fireplace without the harmful effects on the environment or the costly work of building a chimney? Then look no further than an electric fireplace. Such an installation adds a sense of old-school coziness to any gathering, without adding to your guilty conscience.

Balcony Improvement

Consider changing up a bland, iron-clad balcony with a garden! The balustrade can be adorned with vines, and the floor can house several plants (or even a plant box). Of course, should your balcony be big enough, a chair or two can be upgraded to a hammock.

Wall-Hanging Plants

A plant pot on a table or other flat surface is a nice touch to any space. Yet, a different way of achieving the gardening vibe is to hang plant pots off an appropriate wall fixture, or use a special “wall pot” to incorporate your favorite vines or flowers.

Smart Home

Turning off the lights at the click of a button is an under-rated convenience. A smart home can manifest in different ways, and the most common (and easy) ways are implementing smart lights and smart thermostats. If you want to continue down this road, you can also go for a smart fireplace (not unlike the one mentioned above), car (not the Smart car, a car that is smart...most cars nowadays fit this mold), TV, and the list goes on.

Sliding Door

Switching out your space-consuming regular door with a sliding door may make the most functional difference in your living space. This can be done by using the recently-popularized barn door for a rustic look, or you can opt to hide your sliding door altogether and have it slide into the wall instead.

By using these ideas, your living space will surely look new and improved in no time. Should you want additional help, be sure to hire a handyman through NearOnes.