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9 Deep Cleaning Hacks to Get Your Home Sparkling Again

In the midst of an extended lockdown, we have all found ourselves within the same confined space: our respective households. Inevitably, these spaces get more use than usual, (and if you haven’t already guessed where this is going…) which may signal a need for cleaning. Yet, like anything, there are better ways to clean than others! So, we’ve scoured the internet for the best cleaning tips to aid you on your quest for a cleaner household. Of course, if you don’t have the time to put this knowledge into practice, then be sure to hire a cleaner through NearOnes.

1. Remove Carpet Stains with Vinegar and a Steam Iron

This is a miracle worker for even the toughest stains (yes, including wine!). Just mix vinegar and water at a 1:3 ratio, apply it to the stain, cover the stain with a wet cloth, and steam iron it for 30 seconds.

2. Clean Your Windows with Newspaper Instead of Paper Towels

A classic mistake! Instead of using paper towels, it is best to use newspaper to complement your cleaning product. Using newspaper does not leave streaks, nor lint, leaving brilliantly clean windows.

3. Revive Cloudy Glasses with White Vinegar

Those pesky hard-water minerals on your glasses are easily dispersed with a bit of white vinegar. Simply soak any stemmed glasses (glasses designed for wine, champagne, etc.) in white vinegar for five minutes. Then, rinse and dry with a microfiber cloth for that straight-out-of-the-box look.

4. Remove Mold Spots with Vodka

Yes, vodka is very useful when it comes to cleaning. If you want to get rid of mold spots in your bathroom, mix water and vodka together in a 50-50 mixture, then spray it extensively on the mold. Leave it be for about 10 minutes, and your bathroom will be mold-free.

5. Make Your Sink Fixtures Gleam

It’s an unfortunate reality that sinks often do not look absolutely spotless, despite diligent cleaning. One way to get around this problem is to use wax paper to polish any sink fixtures after having cleaned them appropriately. The wax in the paper will both resist future stains and repel water.

6. Steam-Clean Your Microwave

Microwaves are often the victim of stubborn grease. However, a simple solution can do the trick: just heat up a glass-full of water, three tablespoons of vinegar, and a chopped lemon on a high setting. Wait several minutes (or until the microwave door is foggy), wait several minutes, then wipe off any surviving grease.

7. Make your Blender Clean Itself

Cleaning a blender can be a fairly dangerous activity, especially considering the sharp points involved. Yet, it can be made very simple by pouring water, baking soda, and regular soap in, and blending for a few moments. Then, just rinse for a very clean blender.

8. Microwave Your Sponges

While most of us hope sponges are clean (as we do a lot of cleaning with them) it does not hurt to be extra careful. Just microwave a damp sponge on a high setting for about 90 seconds for best results.

9. Clean Your Oven Door with a Dishwasher Tablet

Yes, there is a solution for the grime on the inside of your oven door! Just take a dishwasher tablet (a firm one - stay away from the soft pouches) and use an edge to cleanse the grease from the door, going in either a horizontal or vertical fashion (but stay consistent as you do so).

These ideas are sure to help in a pinch, or in a broad house clean. Yet, if you’re short on time, you can hire a great cleaner through NearOnes.

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