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A Spring gardening checklist with your Nearone!

Spring is here, and the gardens are blooming! All of us need a break from time to time and having a garden is a great way to unwind and disconnect from our work. Gardening has been described as therapeutic and soul-searching by many people.

Spring is a lovely season that brings with it a wide variety of flowers that are brave enough to emerge from the cold and bloom. Tulips, Hyacinths, and Snowdrops are just a few of the flowers that bloom in the spring. However, plants that are planted during springtime will bloom during the summer, so start now to enjoy them later!

Do you wish to learn how to grow and care for a garden? But unsure of where and how to start? The NearOnes app will help you with this by finding people within your budget to come and assist you with tasks such as planting seeds, pulling weeds, and watering your plants when you are busy or away!

With NearOnes, you can make this experience more enjoyable while also meeting new people in your community who share your interests!

In this article, we have compiled a checklist that you and your NearOne can follow to start your dream garden!

1. Decide on your space

The best thing about gardens is that they can be any shape or size to accommodate everyone's living spaces. A balcony or suspended garden can be just as lovely as a backyard garden! It all comes down to the love and care you give it. So the first course of action is to identify your space!

2. Choose your plants

The most important aspect is deciding on the main characters for your garden! Plants grow in a variety of environments, and some cannot be kept indoors while others cannot be kept outside. This is highly dependent on your location. To counteract this, consider incorporating locally found plants into your biodiversity. This is beneficial not only to the small bugs and critters found in a typical garden, but it can also benefit a balcony or indoor garden. The humidity levels in the air and the amount of natural sunlight available to indoor plants can both have an impact. Tulips, crocuses, daffodils, and hyacinth flowers are commonly found in the Netherlands. Try potatoes, onions, carrots, or even lettuce as local vegetables. Perhaps your NearOne can make some recommendations based on their own experiences, so it's always a good idea to ask other locals in your community!

3. Research the plants and their needs.

Some plants may feel better if they are watered more frequently, whereas others can become overwhelmed and require a watering schedule. The type and quality of soil used, as well as the plant feed or fertilisers used, will all have an impact. Keep in mind that this will have a considerable effect on the final result of your project. Gardening is all about trial and error therefore, if it doesn’t work out from the start you can always experiment with different types of setups and soil to see what works best for you and your plants!

4. Organise

Whether it is a backyard garden or an indoor garden, you should consider making some storage space for all the utensils and solutions you need. Add this to your spring cleaning list, or ask a NearOne to assist you! In any case, you'll be glad you went through the trouble!

5. Enjoy!

Once your garden is all set up and growing, this is when the tasks become easier. Just make sure to clean it once in a while and water it consistently! Studies show that flowers and other types of plants increase levels of positive energy and help people feel secure and relaxed. Keeping flowers around the home and in the workplace greatly reduces a person's stress levels. It is also known that being around nature and plants can boost your immune system and improve your sleep!

So what are you waiting for? Download the NearOnes app and start your gardening journey today!

We would love to see your results so let us know by tagging us on the NearOnes Instagram account.

Good luck!

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