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Best options for grocery delivery in Amsterdam during Coronavirus

In these COVID-19 times, everyone could be a little safer. With contact-free grocery delivery, you can do just that - and we’ve already done most of the research for you. Here is a breakdown of all the different options to help you have some added peace of mind this holiday season.

Albert Heijn & Jumbo

These are two of the largest supermarket chains in the Netherlands, and provide online shopping and delivery as part of their services. Between them, you’ll be able to benefit from the very large choice of products available for online ordering. However, Albert Heijn and Jumbo require you to do quite some planning - there is a limit to how last minute an order can be, so you’ll need to do it a few days in advance. The wide window slots for delivery will typically require that you be present at home for a couple of hours. During COVID-19, their operations have been majorly overcrowded - we tried to order through Albert Heijn on the 20th and 21st of December 2020, and there were no delivery slots available. Price-wise, depending on the chosen time slot, AH delivery costs vary from €3.95 – €12.95, while for Jumbo that’ll be a fixed €6.


Picnic is similar to Albert Heijn and Jumbo, yet is completely focused on online shopping and grocery delivery - they do not have physical shopping locations. In fact, you have probably seen their small, and sometimes precarious-looking electric mini-trucks zipping around. The differences Picnic has over both of the other options presented here is that it offers the option to track the delivery mini-truck in real time, and aim to deliver the next day. During COVID-19, that’s not possible - as old users we tried to order on 22 December 2020, and the next available date was the 28th, while new users are kept on a queue for their services. Yet, if you do manage to schedule a delivery, you’ll benefit from narrow, one-hour delivery times. In addition, Picnic prides itself on providing cheaper products than its competitors, with no delivery fees too. However, expats beware - Picnic has yet to introduce English-language functionality to its service, but that is likely in the works.

Uber Eats

While Uber has made major waves by recently announcing the addition of groceries to their offerings, in the Netherlands this has only included convenience stores and ready-made meals of chains such as Marqt. If you’d rather have such prepared meals, or snacks or alcohol, instead of regular groceries, then Uber Eats' rapid delivery service is the way to go.


That’s us! We are a platform where you can get tasks done by reliable people nearby, including your grocery shopping. You can provide a grocery list, a delivery fee budget (with market best prices of €8), and a time of delivery. When the nearone hands you the groceries, you’ll also receive the receipt for the products, and you can then reimburse the nearone through a payment link or cash. NearOnes allows you to get your groceries done in as little as one hour, or plan them for later at a time of your choosing. You can also customise your task; for example, you can ask a nearone to pick up from different stores or change things while the task is happening. You’ll also be able to chat with the nearone, in case a store is out of your favourite product and you want to get a substitute. This means that unfortunately, in comparison to ordering through AH, Jumbo or Picnic, you only find out if your exact product choices are available once the nearone is in store. On the other hand, you have a sure way of organising your delivery at an exact time, whether that’s right away or later, with no planning needed from your end.

And that’s that! These are your best options for grocery delivery in Amsterdam. So, if what you need is someone to do your grocery shopping - at your time, at your store(s) - then get a nearone now!