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Handyman Tips For Newbies

Ever get the urge to get your hands dirty and fix things at home? If so, enthusiasm is certainly the first step towards doing good work. However, before getting started, there are a few things (some obvious, and some slightly less so) to keep in mind before diving into something like hanging a painting or mounting a TV.

Safety first, always

Despite learning this while very young, it’s not an understatement to say that adults everywhere struggle with this rule - i.e., spray painting without a proper gas mask (inducing a splitting headache afterwards, as well as potential brain damage) or not fully stabilizing a ladder before jumping on. Take stock of the job, and what will be needed to ensure minimum risk of injury, and your body will thank you.

Measure twice, mark once

The importance of making sure something is 7 centimeters across, and not 8 or 9, is also critical when doing any sort of task. It doesn’t take more than a few seconds each time, yet may spare hours of grief if something does end up only a few centimeters off its intended mark.

Hold it with a plier

The likely most common task for a novice handyman is to hammer a nail - an easy job, no? Unfortunately, too many of us fall victim to missing the nail by a few hairs, and hitting our completely exposed thumb in the process. In order to mitigate this, make sure to hold the nail with a pair of pliers instead of your hand. That way, you can ensure that all exposed body parts are out completely out of the line of fire.

Get some help

Whether that’s a good friend, a young relative or even your dog (yes, if in desperate need) extra hands are always useful. Additionally, any task is always more fun when done with people you love.

Know your limits

Part of being a handyman is knowing when exactly to be a handyman. If a job seems like it might be a stretch for your current skills, then it probably is, and the proper professionals should be contacted (for example, trying to fix the boiler or air conditioning unit may be a step too far for many people). Of course, the result of attempting to do something above your skill level can vary, but is likely to result in injury.

With these five rules in mind, any job is made easier. Need some additional help? Then look no further than hiring a handyman through NearOnes.

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