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Key Tips When Moving in The Netherlands

For those that had fancied moving in the Netherlands, but the pandemic put those plans on hold, now it might be again a good time again to consider it (assuming the vaccination rollout goes as planned and things continue to open). But what would that look like? And what is the best way of navigating such a task? We’ve gone ahead and amassed a few key tips to keep in mind during the process so as to make the overall experience as stress-free as possible.

Plan it out

Any good move starts with a good plan. Figure out all the logistics here, from the specific needs of your move (like having to adapt around young children or family pets) to specific dates of moving.

Get quotes from not one, not two, but several moving companies

In order to get the best deal, you have to do some proper research. This starts with contacting or researching several different moving companies, not just the first one that pops up after a quick google.

Pick a midweek move-in date

Similarly to flights, the mid-week is the prime time to move, if you can find the availability within your own schedule. Companies are typically booked for many weekends, and if they are not, they charge a much higher fee (as they’re also aware of the demand, of course).

Start packing early

This one could go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway - packing early, even earlier than is comfortable, guarantees that there will be no last minute scramble to double check everything.

Pack according to room, not according to your boxes

While packing, it may be tempting to simply pack each box as well as possible, and save space in the moving van. Yet, it’s important to consider that this may cause quite a headache afterwards, as a box that was half filled with kitchen things and half filled with bedroom things gets moved back and forth. Pack according to the space things are intended for, and moving may get that much simpler.

Apply for street permits

In most cities or towns in the Netherlands, a large van will likely occupy most of the road. So, if you’re not hiring a moving company (as they tend to take care of this for you) be sure to contact the gemeente (the Dutch word for municipality) for permission. Keep in mind that the answer may be a no, at which point you may have to find an alternative solution.

Organize a donation pick-up

When deciding what to bring along on the move, there may come a point in which you’ve found something (i.e. a couch) that seems unlikely to make the cut to the new place. There are many options for this kind of situation, but a very good one is to donate the furniture - your local Kringloop (a second-hand store) is a good place to start.

Have a moving day essentials box

Obviously, some things are a bit more important on moving day than others - so prioritize having things that need to be quickly accessible, like keys, water, permits, a door stopper, and other must haves.

Bring plenty of water for move-in day

As soon as you’ve started moving, you will likely realize how arduous a process it is, especially if you’re hands-on about moving boxes. So, bring plenty of water for moving day, especially if that day is in the middle of another record summer.

Change the locks as soon as possible

During the moving process, both you and the moving company may require a set of keys to your place. However, it is also likely that many others do too, such as friends or relatives of the old owners. As such, it is a good idea to change the locks after moving in, so as to be certain that there won’t be any unwelcome visitors.

Settle in and register with the gemeente

Last but not least, the final details need to be taken care of once the physical part of moving has taken place, such as registering with the gemeente (municipality), organizing utilities, and changing the address on any subscription you may have.

And those are some key tips for moving places in the Netherlands. Also, if you ever need an extra hand with moving, or if you’re looking for someone with a van to help you get the whole job done, you can easily find someone offering moving services through the NearOnes app. Check it out!

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