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Maintenance Tips That Can Save You Hundreds of Euros on Repairs

As time goes on, the wear and tear of regular house use can take a heavy toll, as many house-owners know. However, there are some simple ways of combating common problems before they become an issue. So, we’ve gathered a few solutions to help.


While there isn’t one universal way to dealing with mold, do know that once it shows up, the problem almost always runs deeper than just the outside of whatever is affected. Mold hints at a high level of moisture nearby, which may mean cracked pipes, an improperly closed window, or another source of moisture. In most cases, it is good to regularly check even the most obscure places in your house for moisture, while also paying close attention to the most likely offenders - namely any place in the bathroom or kitchen. If there are a few spots that may bring mold into the house, be sure to investigate their cause and deal with them accordingly. Notably, if mold is allowed to stick around, this may result in large mold patches on walls and floors, and potentially even carpets and pieces of furniture to be thrown out. So, deal with it early!

Inactive Fire Detector

Within a well-kept household, it can be easy to forget about a fire detector, nevermind its importance in keeping you aware of any potential fire threat. Therefore, if its batteries run out, this can cause a real problem should a fire start that could have otherwise been prevented. On most fire detectors, there is a “test” button on the outside. If you press this button and the fire detector sounds its alarm, then it works. If not, try replacing the batteries. If this still does not work, try opening the fire detector to check for corrosion. Clean the corrosion if there is any. If not, a new fire detector is needed.


The sight of rats in any household can bring the general ambience from comforting and homely to outright unpleasant. This also isn’t to mention the damage that they may cause to walls and appliances, potentially costing you hundreds of euros. So, always be sure to make the appropriate phone call or take adequate action as soon as a house pest of any kind is seen in your house. This includes mouse traps and rat poison - yet, the safest decision to make is always to call the experts.

Faulty Window/Door Seals

It is always good to check your window and door seals for any sign of cold or hot air leaking through. If this is the case, this can be quite costly in terms of additional heating, and as such it is a good idea to do so as the fall or winter begins. In order to perform this check, simply visibly check for signs of a leak - any open spaces or old caulking is likely to bring your attention to the issue. For a more technical test, close all the doors and windows in your house, and turn on the bathroom and kitchen vents to continuously suck in air. This creates negative pressure in your home, which will show if you light an incense stick outside of each potential opening. If there is a leak, the smoke will be drawn to it. If not, then the specific area does not have a leak. In order to solve this problem, you can either replace the seal or caulk where necessary, albeit the best option may be to contact professionals.

Refrigerator Efficiency

As a refrigerator ages, it is only natural that its efficiency decreases. However, you can extend its efficiency by vacuuming its coils (located on the back of most refrigerators). By keeping the coils clean, the whole refrigerator operates more efficiently, saving you plenty of money over the long term, both for a new refrigerator and for the amount of energy a refrigerator uses (as it can be up to 15% of a house’s energy use).


Finally, a great amount of issues can be avoided if you get into the habit of keeping things tidy and clean. This can amount to 10-15 minutes to start or end your day. If implemented daily, the benefits are enormous. For example, you can start with always vacuuming at least once every two days (especially areas where there is a lot of constant traffic), and keeping the kitchen clear of dirty dishes and food every day. Bathrooms can also be done once every three days. Of course, this depends on the size of your house and how many people are responsible for cleaning it, yet getting into this kind of habit may be beneficial nonetheless.

So, those are some home maintenance tips to save you both time and money. However, if you need help with any home maintenance task, you can find a reliable handyman through NearOnes.

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