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What to look out for when deciding to get a lockdown puppy

In light of the last covid lockdown, many more individuals in the Netherlands have decided to welcome a fluffy and charming new family member into their households-a puppy!

And because you, the reader, may already have a puppy or are thinking about getting one, we've decided to talk about how vital it is to make sure you're ready to bring a new best friend into your house!

For the sake of simplicity, we have broken all the information down into 3 easy to follow through categories:

1. Time

Puppies, like young babies, are full of life and mischief and hence require a lot of attention. Even if you believe you have a lot more spare time than normal during the pandemic, a puppy will chew out the most of it (pun very intended). It takes time to train a puppy to walk on a leash or to know where to go potty, on top of all the love and care they require, as well as the daily amount of activity they need to grow strong and healthy, you will find yourself quite busy.

If you feel you are up for the challenge, you should start planning and prepping your puppy's daily routine as soon as possible. This is because, to create order among chaos, you must match your routine to that of your dog. For example, if you generally get up early, set a certain feeding time for your puppy each morning, and the same goes for the time you go to bed at night. Walking times may be more difficult to keep up with because we all have different things to do at different times of the day, but walking not only gives your puppy time to exercise and explore, but it is also important in the potty training phase because your dog should be able to wait until you walk it to go potty. However, there is no need to be concerned since we have a solution! If you ever need help walking your puppy, simply download the NearOnes app for free and sign up! With NearOnes, you can post a quick task or job and find someone nearby to complete it; this way, you can quickly find a dog walker for your furry companion!

2. Space

Before selecting the breed of dog that is perfect for you, you must consider how much space your energetic fluff ball will need. Some breeds are house pets, while others may like to have a dog house in your yard. Regardless, you should be certain that introducing a puppy into your house will not result in destroyed furniture or claustrophobic and tight conditions. A dog's behavior, like ours, changes in response to the environment in which it lives, so make sure you have enough room for you, your family, and your puppy to live happily. A dog who stays indoors may feel constrained, whilst a dog that wants to be outside may become lonely, therefore the best thing to do is to establish their feeding and resting areas from the start so that they know exactly where to go when they need to rest or eat.

3. Budget

Unfortunately, keeping a puppy may necessitate spending a little more money on better quality food, toys, leashes, beds, mats, and so on. While the majority of the accessories required are one-time purchases or do not require frequent replacement, it is also necessary to know that you will need to take your puppy to the vet regularly. Accidents happen, and your puppy may become ill or injured as a result, since this is a common occurrence, especially when they are young and sensitive to external factors. The easiest approach to be prepared is to conduct some study on what sort of vaccines, medicine, grooming, and general hygiene your puppy will require, as this varies by breed, and to make sure you have a budget in case of any foreseeable situation.

Congratulations! If you have completed all of the above-mentioned tasks, then getting a puppy is a wonderful decision for you and your lifestyle! They are loyal and comforting, and they will provide you with unconditional affection endlessly. Many people believe that owning a puppy makes you more responsible, punctual, and relaxed, and especially during the times we are all experiencing right now -we couldn't agree more!

If this blog convinced you to get a puppy, consider tagging us in your new "best buddy" adventure pics on Instagram @nearones.nl! We can't wait to meet all of your adorable little pals!

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