Connecting you with the people and services you need

We all need odd jobs done here and there, and sometimes can't get them done ourselves. NearOnes provides an answer, with a community that's always ready to help out. 

A sense of community

NearOnes is home to a community of Amsterdam citizens who either need some extra help, want to provide extra help, or both! 

When? You choose 

Post on your own schedule, and apply for tasks on your own schedule. Need it done in an hour? That works. 

Quality, every time

Every nearone is screened and insured, guaranteeing quality every time a task is completed. 



Pet care

Everything else

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Contact us

+31 06 27 25 69 85

Registered address: 
Europalaan 400-4, 3526 KS Utrecht

Main office:
Ceintuurbaan 222, 1072 GD Amsterdam

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