Supporting Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands

At NearOnes we stand supportive of the struggles that Ukrainian people have been facing in the last months, including those who have passed the border, and currently in the Netherlands, in safer, but yet a vulnerable life position. Through our platform we aim to help integrate as many of them as possible, both socially and economically.


How are we helping?


Placing the Ukrainians in front in 
helping them get jobs

Supporting them with English and
Dutch while they work

Currently >90% of the tasks on 
the platform performed by Ukrainians

Custom, enhanced support: responsive
by phone 24/7 to their needs


Peace of mind 

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Tasks performed for people with verified credentials, which always include a verified phone number and digital payment information


While doing tasks through NearOnes, there is insurance for liabilities and accidents worth up to €1.25M

Are you a company or organization? Do you want to
collaborate in helping out?

Become a part of it!

Thanks! We will reach out to you ASAP!

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